Bob McDonnell in Harrisonburg

You’ve likely gotten this information from some other source, for example, both the Harrisonburg GOP and Senator Obenshain sent me an email this morning about this topic, but, if you haven’t, here is the deal.

Former Attorney General Bob McDonnell is coming to Harrisonburg as part of his statewide tour to begin campaigning for Governor.  He begins this tour Saturday in Virginia Beach and will be in Harrisonburg next Tuesday (March 31).  The rally will begin at 4:15, in Taylor Hall, Room 400 on JMU’s campus.  Full statewide tour details can be found here.

Should you be able to attend, the campaign does ask for an RSVP in one of three ways.  Either email, call (804) 612-9111, or visit the facebook group.  I hope to see you all there, but I don’t know yet if I’ll be working next Tuesday.  Either way, you should take this opportunity to meet the likely next Governor of the Commonwealth.

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  1. I just can’t get excited about Bob “one gun” McDonnell. IMO, he shouldn’t even call himself a conservative. Mauybe in 4 years we;ll have someone I really want to vote for.

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