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Good evening readers.

Just a few hours ago, I received a handful of pictures and a brief video from the Sarah Palin book signing earlier this month.  Although I wasn’t able to attend myself, it looks as quite a few folks braved the rainy/snowy weather to meet the former Governor.  Can’t really think of anything else to add.  If any of you all were there, feel free to provide any additional details.  I hope you all enjoy.

Waiting is the hardest part

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  1. I was at a Gander Mountain store yesterday. There were several couples who apparently have intentionally copied themselves after the Palin model. The wife had the Palin hair do and the thin granny glasses, the husband unshaven and slovenly, and their son had a backwards hat, earring and was dressed like a wigger.

    I refuse to accept that Palin represents anything resembling the traditional, rural family. She is nothing more than a made for TV product; a caricature of what some media mogul decided should be a package of stereotypes used to represent “those inbred rednecks” from the fly-over states.

    Well, rural people are not like Palin or her goofball family. You won’t see our kids getting knocked-up or dressing like wiggers.

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