Bad Medicine

With each passing day, America slips further and further into the grip of socialism.  I expect that both the House of Representatives and Senate will soon reach an agreement on the latest attack on our liberty, national health care.  Although I’d like to think that Senator Webb and Warner would uphold their vows to our Constitution and vote against the bill, in the end, it is highly likely that both will toe the Democratic Party line.  Sigh.  I suppose that at some point our government must have been pretty decent.  Then again, the Supreme Court finding a supposed right to privacy that allows you to kill your own children through abortion but doesn’t protect you from the intrusion of the government through the excesses of the Patriot Act makes just about as much sense in today’s society.  It’s amazing what you can get away with when you interpret the phrase “general welfare” as liberally as possible while ignoring the 10th Amendment.

I have a confession to make.  Like millions of Americans, I don’t have health insurance.  Why don’t I, you may ask?  The answer is simple.  I cannot afford it.  Although I have had health insurance in the past and will likely do so again in the future, my budget doesn’t allow it at the present.  Well then, should I look to the government for assistance?  Should I insist that the government take money out of your pocket and give it to me so that I too can enjoy the benefits of health insurance?  Is that scheme unfortunately becoming the new “American way”?  While we are on the subject, I have to wonder why we need health insurance for routine doctor visits.  My understanding is that originally health insurance was used for major things like surgery, hospital stays, and the like.  Using insurance for any health related issue under the sun makes about as much sense as requiring auto insurance for oil changes.  As a result, this increased reliance on insurance has greatly spiked the health care costs in this country.  Take it from me; to now seek medical assistance without it is tantamount to financial suicide.  And when this legislation passes, if you choose to go without insurance, then the federal government can fine you?  I’m starting to wonder, which side won the Cold War, liberty or statism?  To borrow a phrase from Yakov Smirnoff, in Soviet Russia, insurance chooses you!

Now we can scream foul at the top of our lungs, but will our elected representatives hear our cry?  Sure, some statesmen like Delegate Bob Marshall, Senator Mark Obenshain, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli are actively fighting for your rights, but the vast majority of politicians simply don’t care.  After all, Washington insiders know what’s best for you and are more than happy to dictate policy.  You agree, yes?  Remember, Napoleon Obama is always right.  Anyone who supports federalized insurance must be voted out of office and I encourage you to read Senator Obenshain’s recent article on the subject found in the Washington Times.  Not only does socialism promote bad medicine through expanded bureaucracy and inflated costs, it also spawns bad governance.

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  1. First, this is not about healthcare.

    Just as cash for clunkers was not about cars. Just as nationalizing some banks was not about money and bailouts.

    Obama could give two spits worth about your Granny and how soon she dies. There is one thing and one thing only Obama cares about. And that is…CONTROL.

    More specifically, control over YOUR life. As much as possible. From the moment you wake up to the minute you fall asleep, the prez wants you involved with the government in every way, shape and form as humanly possible in each and every single one of your decisions – all day – every day. And at night, when you control the banks and mortgage industry, you might even be able to decide where people sleep.

    Sure, our healthcare system has some flaws – what system doesn’t? But healthcare is just the latest whipped-up ‘crisis du jour’ so Obama can ‘fix it’ and make more and more government just a wonderful part of your daily life. Would you like some no trans fat, eco-friendly, no carbon emission, no animal or animal byproduct fair labor certified pesticide-free sauce with that? It’s yummy – really.

    Another bogus thing about this scam: claims of 47 million Americans uninsured. This includes 20 million illegals. Out of 300 million. So 15% of Americans aren’t insured. But 85% ARE insured. This also means MORE AMERICANS THAN EVER have health insurance.

    ‘Healthcare’ is NOT a matter of whether you can or cannot pay. It is NOT whether you have coverage or don’t have coverage. It is NOT what illness or condition you have. What matters is that all of us (except the actual members of Congress, of course) will become subservient to our government for treatment. Weird.

    Weird because ‘ subservient to our government’ is an oxymoron. Look it up.

    And do you really think government knows how to run healthcare – or anything – more efficiently than the private sector? Hell, the Senate can’t even run its’ own CAFETERIA without screwing it up. (True story.) Off Track Betting (government-run gambling) recently filed for bankruptcy in New York. Only the government can’t make a profit in the gambling business. But Obama wants us to believe it can suddenly run national healthcare better than anyone else?

  2. No matter what happens with health care, I hope some one can cure the VA Conservative of his increasingly bad cases of anger and vitriol.
    Rather than offer any substantive alternative to proposed reform plans, he focuses on making as many sarcastic Soviet references as he can while acknowledging that seeking out health care without insurance is “tantamount to financial suicide.”
    Rather than debate the pros and cons of other ‘socialized’ health care systems in other countries, he cries out for placebo cures like respecting the 10th Amendment more or voting politicians out of office.
    Rather than express concern for those in need (including himself) and bringing a fresh narrative of someone without insurance who adheres to conservative principles, he gives a tirade that moves back and forth between tones of whining, mocking and utter hate.
    I hope and pray that the VA Conservative can be healed of his venomous condition, even without health insurance. I hope and pray that people can see more at this site than a conservative spouting anger and fearing change.

  3. The American middle class is drowning. Around one ankle is a for profit health care system that is the most expensive in the world. Not only is inefficient, it has holes so big that you can drive a Buick through them and the middle class is falling through them in record numbers. On the other ankle the middle class has the federal deficit. The incumbent politicians have mortgaged the income stream of our grand children and the pull of the interest is going to be extreme. Around one wrist of the middle class is a money printing machine. The stagflation we are about to experience is going to be like nothing you have ever experienced. Around the other wrist is the cost of housing. The monetary inflation that printing money will create will bring higher interest rates. Not only is it possible to return to 22% mortgages, but it is very likely. Break out a mortgage calculator and get a feel for what that is going to do to housing affordability and demand/price of housing. Around the neck of the middle class is the New World Order. Jobs are leaving faster then we can create new ones and the ones that are here are being filled by H1b visa holders and illegal aliens. This was not inevitable. It was a choice made by incumbent politicians and they can just as easily choose to stop it.

    This is not about socialism vs. fascism or democrats vs. republicans they are two sides of the same coin. One causes the need for the other to balance the externalities each creates. They are not opposing forces; they play off each other. The middle class is going to drown if we don’t throw them both out of Washington soon. In November we will have an opportunity to do that and you can bet that the two parties are going to do everything in their power to keep the American people from saving themselves at the expense of their corporate masters. Don’t loose site of the goal. I don’t want to drown and you Tory useful idiots need to wake up and smell the disaster. Quite shooting your selves in the foot, it is going to be a long steep climb and you are going to need it.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t think that health care is a God given right has not read the bible. Jesus was a healer. His church was not a for profit operation. He didn’t heal only the ones that could afford to pay. Our current health care system is an abomination. We have a for profit system sucking badly needed resources and one of the biggest socialized systems in the world picking up the externalities that the for profit system creates. The for profit system cannot exist without a socialized safety net to pick up the AMERICANS that are discarded when they no longer have their health. You cannot hate socialized medicine with out hating the for profit system that creates the need. To do nothing is not an option is to support this unsustainable system. They can eliminate all law suites and the system will still fail. Tort reform by itself is a red herring.

    To deny health care is the ability to kill. Thou shale not kill. It is the most fundamental of rights.

  5. Don’t get me wrong. I do not support the current lobbyist enhancement act that is working its way though congress. Every time it passes a hurdle the health insurance stocks rally. That is a very bad sign.

    The current system has become a wealth redistribution system destroying the middle class and adding people to the existing socialized system at a frightening pace. We cannot continue with the current system. It is already close to critical mass. Both parties need to fix the problem NOW or all incumbents must go. We need to stop rewarding failure with another term.

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