Avatar and The LA Times

Late Saturday night I received an email from Steve Zeitchik, a reporter at the LA Times.  He was writing a piece for the paper about politics of the movie and, after reading my political review of Avatar on this blog, wanted to speak with me further on the subject.  The following evening I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Zeitchik about the political themes of the film.  We explored Avatar, fellow blogger reactions, political attitudes of the movie going public, and briefly other films.  Although I’ll admit it that I’ve always been a little intimidated to speak to the press, I thoroughly enjoyed our half an hour conversation.  He highlighted all of these issues in his work, “‘Avatar’: Red-state politics + blue aliens = box-office green”.  Let me tell you that it was both gratifying and humbling to be recognized in the media.

I suppose I can now add that my blog is “now featured in the LA Times”, but regardless of that issue, I encourage you to check out Mr. Zeitchik’s article.  After our exchange, I entered the theater for the second time on Monday to revisit my original impressions of Avatar.  They remained pretty much the same.  However, I did find another conservative message.  Given the Na’vi’s code of “mating for life”, their concept promotes such a high degree of marital and sexual fidelity that they would presumably create far more stable and long-term relationships, as well as improving the society as a whole.  As a side note, despite what some might say, the 2D experience is nearly as good as 3D.

The bottom line is simple: if you haven’t watched Avatar yet, go do so and see what all the fuss is about.  Even if you, like myself, disagree with many of the political ramifications in the film, the stunning visual effects and entertaining story easily cover the $10 to $15 ticket price.  Then feel free to share your gripes and praises of this controversial work.

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