Attacking From the Shadows

Image from Senator Vogel's Facebook page
Image from Senator Vogel’s Facebook page

Five days ago, I received an email attacking Senator Jill Vogel.  For those who don’t know, Senator Vogel recently announced her intent to seek the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor for Virginia in 2017.

The email declares that Vogel is a “RINO state senator and DC lobbyist”.  It then goes into several issues, such as immigration and gun rights, to explain how Senator Vogel does not share our principles.

Although it raises some good points, there is no indication who sent this email besides the return address,  It fails to include the name of the person who sent it or the organization he or she is associated with, if any.  I sent a message to the sender trying to find out more information, but, five days later, I still haven’t gotten any reply.

Personally, I find such anonymous attacks cowardly and have constantly spoken against them such as I did in the 2010 Harrisonburg City Council elections and the 2013 Republican lieutenant governor nomination.  I believe that if you have something valid to say, say it and have the courage to attach your name to your criticisms, rather than attacking from the shadows.  Sure, doing so may make enemies, but it adds much more authenticity to your arguments.  After all, how do we know you are attacking her because you think she is a bad candidate, or simply because your or your client is secretly seeking the nomination in her place.

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