An Open Letter to the Fairfax County School Board

Joshua’s Note: I recently received an email from a citizen of Fairfax County regarding some of the shady dealings of the local school board.  Although I’m not a resident of the area, I strongly support the idea of government openness and accountability.  As indicated at the bottom of this post, this special guest letter is written by Lin-Dai Kendall.  I hope this letter will help foster discussion on this issue.

I’m a resident of Fairfax County. Given that it’s lauded as among the best run, among the wealthiest, priding itself in the service provided to its residents, I am totally taken aback at the questionable behavior of some members of the School Board in regards to the future of our community schools. It is neither an emotional reaction nor an emotional issue. The county’s taxpayer base owns the schools they let the SB run and therefore a sense of school ownership by the taxpayer is only appropriate.

The issue at hand, how does a School Board allow and tolerate the unethical behavior of a member of its cadre is begging to be addressed. What is happening to our communities, our governance, that so many people can witness breach of public trust and arrogantly turn their backs hiding in a curtain of fabricated, limited & skewed information and behind the skirts of sympathetic politicians? Allowing a member to deliberately obscure the truth, insist in rationalizing and justifying a vote rooted on deceit before Fairfax County’s citizenry can only be categorized as appalling and demoralizing.

This comment is not a shot in the dark nor does it qualify as irresponsible. The incongruence of a vote to close a Governor’s Award of Excellence community school vis-à-vis the solutions presented in the Southwestern Regional Planning Study as well as the information provided in multiple hearings raised suspicions of an agenda behind an agenda. Subsequently members of two strong education/schools advocacy groups submitted FOIA requests to gain a better understanding of the most recent decisions of our School Board and FCPS. (FOIA requests have been posted for public consumption by these advocacy groups.) The information reviewed clearly shows SB rep. Liz Bradsher coaching a larger segment of her constituents from West Springfield H.S., on how to advance their center to the head of the renovation queue at the expense of closure of Clifton Elementary School (thus a smaller segment of voters). You decide how to qualify her actions.

An informed public with the responsibility and power to vote can and WILL take care of this situation. Let FCPS know that they as well as the School Board work for US, the Fairfax Resident. A boundary study that will affect 23 schools and 18,000 children cannot and should not be spearheaded by anyone who’s INTERESTS COME BEFORE THOSE OF ALL HER CONSTITUENTS, or demonstrates a lack of integrity. Such an individual needs to be removed from his/her representative position and prevented from having anything to do w/ facilities planning. I also urge you to ask of your favorite news outlets to shed light on the truth.

Lin-Dai Kendall

Concerned Parent

Fairfax Station, VA

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  1. “Although I’m not a resident of the area, I strongly support the idea of government openness and accountability.”

    If you support openness and accountability, then why don’t you ask Cuccinelli why he is citing Alisher Usmanov’s newspaper, the Kremlin-friendly-Kommersant, in his EPA suit. Usmanov is a Gazprom operative and a gangster.

    Why would the EPA pay attention to what a Russian gangster’s paper says?

    I asked about the elder Cuccinelli’s connection to “European” clients because that’s how the Russians do it–nepotism.

    Who are the father’s European clients? Are they Russian gas companies or their fronts? The father is a career gas lobbyist. The Russians sell gas in Europe.

    Is Cuccinelli persecuting climate scientists because the Russians pay his dad?

    All these so-called conservative arguments that deny global warming can be read in the Russian media. They are owned by the gas interests.

    I voted for Cuccinelli, but I won’t be making that mistake now that I see what he is really up to.

    He criticizes US agencies, but he seems to be promoting propaganda spread by agencies of the Russian government.

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