An Introduction to Robert Sarvis

Robert Sarvis in Fredericksburg, VA

Earlier this week, Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate for governor, spoke to a group of about twenty to twenty-five activists in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Although first mentioned on the Virginia Conservative after the state Libertarian convention in April, the speech Mr. Sarvis gave in Fredericksburg provided a good introduction to his candidacy, his political philosophy, his concerns with both the Republican and Democratic candidates, and a variety of other topics.

Although I recorded his entire discourse, including the question and answer period that followed, an unforeseen technical glitch caused a vast majority of the tape to be lost.  Nevertheless, his introduction, which is still quite interesting, did survive and so I’m pleased to present this segment to you.  I hope it proves useful as you learn more about the various candidates running in the 2013 elections.

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  1. Socially-regressive Christian conservatives are your standard issue crazy politicians, whereas Libertarians constitute an alternative form of crazy politician.

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