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Yesterday, the “Dream Act” died…at least for now.  Fortunately, supporters of illegal immigration were unable to muster the necessary sixty votes in the U.S. Senate.  Although it seems obvious to me, if you wish to discourage a behavior, like illegal immigration, shouldn’t you reject potential policies that will likely result in a greater influx of undocumented aliens?  After all, did the last amnesty as granted in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 solve our immigration problem?  Or did it only give confidence to millions and millions more to flood across the border in the hopes of gaining similar treatment at some point in the future?  A little bit ago, I received this email from former Senator and Governor George Allen regarding his opinion on the matter.

Washington Liberals Push for Amnesty

When the government rewards illegal behavior, we will get more illegal behavior.

Mt. Vernon, Va. – Former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen issued the following statement today regarding the US Senate’s vote on the so-called Dream Act:

“If the government rewards illegal behavior, we will encourage more illegal behavior.  The so-called “Dream Act” being pushed by Washington liberals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Leader Harry Reid, and Senators Durbin and Kerry is a flawed piece of legislation that rewards illegal behavior with benefits paid for by taxpayers.  It is unfortunate that Senator Jim Webb chose to put the political interests of his liberal colleagues before the valid concerns of Virginians.

“As the son of a legal immigrant, I believe in the American dream where immigrants legally come to these shores to seek religious, economic and political freedom. I strongly oppose rewarding illegal behavior through amnesty and believe our first priority needs to be securing our borders.

“As Senator, I supported numerous measures to enhance border security, to ensure that felons and criminals are not given citizenship, to protect the integrity of Social Security, to establish English as the official language of the United States, while also working to encourage legal immigration to attract the best and brightest to the United States.   We need to be serious in addressing illegal immigration, and once again, Congress is choosing politics over sound policy.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mr. Allen.  Although I have not gotten behind a candidate for Senate yet, I strongly believe that Virginia needs a Senator who will protect our borders, defend our laws, and not reward illegal behavior.  I think we all can agree that Jim Webb is not such a Senator.  Thankfully, in less than a year Virginians will have the chance to replace him.

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  1. From George Allen, who lost his campaign due to a racial slur, to Haley Barbour, who didn’t remember the Civil Rights era struggles as ‘all that bad’, conservatives repeatedly show an inability to empathize with the diverse peoples that make up our nation. Rather than reform a convoluted system into one that promotes legal immigration in order to ‘establish justice’ and ‘ensure domestic tranquility’, conservatives often feel a need to build walls and ‘draw a line in the dust.’ My hope is that conservatives can reclaim their cast-off ‘compassionate’ title by rediscovering the concept of grace, its connection to true justice, and then ‘form a more perfect union’ with people who may have been strangers but wish to be citizens and make our nation strong.

    1. I also oppose unnecessary obstacles to immigration, and I support the increase of immigrants to this country. The greatest thing about the United States is that this country has repeatedly taken in the people who the other nations of the world thought were worthless, and they made this nation the strongest in the world.

      At the same time, I understand the underlying impulse to control the nation’s border, and am not willing to simply dismiss the concern as racism – I think that badly sidesteps the issue and dismisses a legitimate concern: that of upholding the rule of law. The simple fact is that we don’t live in a borderless world. When anyone travels to another country, they do so by permission of that country, and have a responsibility to obey its laws and customs. Simply by crossing into this nation without permission, these people, however well-intended or desperate they may be, are violating our country’s laws and sovereignty.

      This problem is one of the great dilemmas of our time. As much as I, in my heart of hearts, want to bring in every person on earth who may wish to come here, I recognize that the United States have laws that need to be understood and upheld as a matter of good national order. To start off a persons citizenship in this country by stating that some laws are okay to break seems to me to set a very bad example. I don’t have all the answers or a real solution, but I can’t believe that all conservatives are simply racist when they resist freedom of immigration, nor can I imagine that all liberals have everyone’s best interests in mind when they seek to abrogate the sovereignty of U.S. frontiers.


      1. I agree that my implicit characterization of many conservatives as insensitive to various racial groups was overstated and doesn’t properly deal with the immigration issue, and I appreciate the correction. My frustration with the stereotyping of ‘liberals’ in the original post led me to do the same to ‘conservatives’, which doesn’t solve anything. In hoping to extend grace to immigrants of all kinds, I need to extend grace to those I disagree with as well. I appreciate the civility and insight in your response.

  2. Mr. Allen
    I would like to share some thoughts with you.
    If you do not take a chance to give an opportunity to those kids who sick education, you will not see what a change that could be through out all America
    If you seek to send back those persons that have worked tired for their DREAMS, what you are causing is for them to compete against America, to compete against you. This laws are breaking up families, you are breaking futures, what is a kid without a mother, or a student without a teacher? we seek an opportunity, those as you call “illegal” can make a change, just give us a chance.
    I respect your thoughts, and this are mine, We do not seek to become your enemy, all we ask for is just an opportunity, you should take a look outside you box and realize that
    We are out there, and we are not going anywhere
    Thank you

  3. I am back here once again,
    yesterday I realized many things.
    Not only this law but also various other laws,
    are breaking up families.
    Or the stereotyping that had been so common for the last few years.
    We have kids in the United States, kids, persons, hearts who you call “illegals” that are being kept in the shadow, and are not full filling their DREAMS.
    All they ask for, all we ask for is just an opportunity. This is not for every person that has come to the United State, but for those kids that do not know how to live somewhere else, somewhere else outside of what they call “home” the Unites States of America.
    This is great country, the country that we call “The Country of the Opportunities”
    This is our world, this is our life, and we would love to contribute to this Nation.
    You once had a DREAM, we have ours
    please let us be heard
    do not kill our dreams….

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