Allen Calls The Kettle Black

This morning, I received an email from George Allen’s campaign.  Included within is an ad that attacks the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Governor Tim Kaine.  Towards the end of the video, I found this argument particularly amusing:

From the George Allen Campaign

Given his more or less steadfast support of President Obama, one can certainly make the claim that, if elected, Tim Kaine will be more of an agent of Obama than he will be for the citizens of Virginia.  But what about George Allen’s previous record in the Senate?  Anyone remember him supporting No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, the conflict in Iraq, and raising the debt ceiling time and time again?  During his six years in the Senate didn’t he endorse a lot of troubling bills and programs that flew in the face of limited government conservatism that then President George W. Bush supported?  Therefore, using this same logic, couldn’t you easily scratch Kaine and Obama out of the picture and replace them with Allen and Bush?

This year, the citizens of Virginia have a choice for both the Republican and Democratic nominees for Senate.  If you like the big government policies of Obama, then you should choose Tim Kaine.  Then again, if you preferred the big government policies of Bush, then you should support George Allen.

Frankly, I want a Senator who will always stand up for my values and not simply be another mouthpiece for a president.  We can do better than either Kaine or Allen.  We have that choice.  The only question is will you have the courage to make it?

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  1. If you are suggesting that there will be 4 other candidates on the Jun 12 ballot (assuming they all meet the 10,000/400 signature hurdle), then I completely agree. We don’t need either Allen or kaine among our choices.

  2. Hello, this is the first time (ever) that I have posted on a political website, and I am actually (never thought I would be saying this ) excited in the fact that this posting is me; making a stand and taking to steps to fight for something for a reason much bigger than myself. I will be totally ohnest, I am a coservative at heart within a democrats pay level. So I guess that makes me Independant?
    I like the layout of your site. I can tell you I will NOT be voting for Obama or Tim Kaine. I am enrolled in a paralegal studies career progrmam, (Freshman) I am looking for your knowledge on a particular Bill (was it or wasn’t it passed). I have found several articles about the Lawsuit against Texas over Child Support collection , but I can not find for the life of me wher there is a law against “outside” agaencies collecting child support. I have found law stating that if there is in fact a court order for child support that anyone can collect and enforce the order. (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act)

    Can /will you please help.

    1. Hello Lisa and welcome to my site.

      I suppose I’m in the same boat as I’m a conservative, but not due to personal wealth.

      As for your inquiry, I have a friend who knows a whole lot about child support issues. I’ll pass your comment on to him and hopefully he can help us. Either way, I’ll let you know what he says.


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