A Valentine’s Message from Pete Snyder

A few moments ago, Pete Snyder’s campaign, one of the seven candidates seeking the Republican nomination to be Virginia’s next lieutenant governor, released the following Valentine’s Day video:

Is it a bit cheesy?  There is no question.  But I have to admit that this ad is a pretty clever way for Mr. Snyder to connect to voters in a non-traditional fashion and, as I briefly mentioned in my write-up regarding the recent Middletown forum, he offers a message which particularly resonates with me given present circumstances.

In his rather brief candidacy thus far, Pete Snyder has adopted the theme of big, bold ideas.  Today, through this rather unorthodox video, his campaign has taken a bit of a gamble, but I believe that this move will pay off, capturing the attention of a good number of Republican delegates.  As his wife Burson wrote today, “…Pete works tirelessly in everything he does.  And he’ll do the same for our party and the Commonwealth.  He certainly worked tirelessly to win me over — and I’m so glad that he did!”

Ultimately, I hope that whoever proves him or herself to be the most conservative and liberty-minded candidate will emerge as the Republican lieutenant governor nominee.  But innovative campaigning is another critical element that should not be dismissed.  Therefore, I have to offer kudos to Pete Snyder and his campaign for this original Valentine’s Day maneuver.

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