A Thank You Note to Senator Kaine

Picture from kaine.senate.gov

I’ll admit that I don’t have much in common politically with Senator Kaine.  On so many issues, he and I are diametrically opposed.  Nevertheless, I feel it proper to take a moment today to thank Senator Kaine and his staff for their help.

A little over a week ago, my church (RISE) asked me to join them in their mission trip to Guatemala in the early part of next month.  Although honored by the suggestion, I faced several important hurdles, one of which was that my passport expired about four years ago.  Normally, it would be a simple process of getting my passport renewed; it takes about six weeks.  However, in this case I didn’t have six weeks to wait.

I contacted both of my Senators, Warner and Kaine, in the hope that someone would be able to help me.  In response, Senator Kaine’s office set up an appointment for me today at the Washington D.C. passport office as well as sending the necessary paperwork ahead.

Although the trip took several hours and had a few unexpected surprises, such as the parking lots at both the Vienna and Falls Church Metro stops being completely full and thus required me to actually drive into D.C., the overall process was relatively quick and painless; I’d estimate that the time inside took only about ten minutes.  Unfortunately, they could not give me my passport today due to a glitch in their machines and required me to have it Fed Exed to me in the coming days.  I wish that I didn’t have to pay even more, but what can you do?  Nevertheless, I am told that I should have my shiny new passport by early to mid next week.

Therefore, as stated at the beginning, I want to take a break from politics to thank Senator Kaine and his employees for their assistance.  Please know that it was greatly appreciated.

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