A Special Request

Good evening fellow lovers of liberty.

Assuming you celebrate it, I hope your remembrance of the resurrection was joyous. Mine was filled with good food, good family, and a good sermon. Switching to a different topic, tonight I am wrestling over what may very well be my most important decision to date. Therefore, though it may sound odd, I have a special request of you.

Please pray for me.

Thanks for reading.

2 Replies to “A Special Request”

  1. Holy days like Easter, Passover, Yom Kippur, Christmas, Pentecost, etc. and semi religious holidays such as Thanksgiving, do give us time to pause and reflect not only our own mortal state and relation to God, but with our relatives, friends and countrymen.

    Let us all, good patriots, pray for each other and our Country, that we may yet preserve, by the Grace of our Lord, and protect what was so graciously passed on to us with so so much hard work, blood and tears.

  2. Lord, help the Virginia Conservative with his private issue. Whether it is guidance on making a decision or healing an ailment you know what his needs are and what is best. Help him to stay on your path and protect him from the devils tool. Help him to always see the truth with clarity.

    I would like to say a special prayer for our nation. I know that most of your followers here have strayed off the path of righteousness. The false prophets both inside and outside of your church have been working diligently to lead them astray. You know the power of the devils tool; propaganda. Give them the clarity to see through the smoke so they can escape the influence of the minion and find their way back to your path.

    Your son healed the sick and cast off demons. Never once did he differentiate the ability to pay. Your clarification and guidance on this mater is sorely needed. Thanks to the Devils Tool, many many Christens in this country are loosing their way.

    You created man in your image and gave them stewardship over the earth. In arrogance, with the Lucifer’s guidance, man created a soulless entity the corporation and gave it the same rights and privileges as your creation. Corporations were created to shelter men from their deeds in the eyes of man’s law, but not yours. All men will be judged by their deeds, corporation or no corporation.

    Corporations live forever and do not recycle opportunity. They have a ravenous appetite and now many in this country must do without. In the last decade you have showered us with productivity gains, but our productivity gains have all been captured by the corporations while wages have lost ground to inflation. The conservative principle that if we work diligently, we will be rewarded no longer seems to apply. Please help the deserving in this country that are in need of provisions now and in the future.

    Thank you Lord for all of you guidance in recent years. I must still be on the path. My health continues to improve. I have a roof over my head and food on my plate.

    Praise the LORD!

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