A Red Solo Cup

IMG_0263In the morning

I stoop down to pick up

A red Solo cup

Discarded the night before

Strewn haphazardly about the yard

Like many of its brothers

From the party next door


Ants inspect the rim

While others drown

In the orange liquid remains

What was contained within?

Did the person who drank it even know?

Was it enjoyed responsibly?

It seems unlikely


Has it led to regret

For the one who consumed it?

Or perhaps for another?

A victim of seizing the day

Yet another careless moment?

In a young life filled with many

Or maybe a first taste of liberty?


The cup offers no other answers

As it sits in the sun

Abandoned by its owner

No longer needed and forgotten

Waiting for another to take responsibility

The short weekend is almost over

The long semester has just begun

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