A Radio Broadcast

On Thursday, as a result of the speech that I gave at Tuesday’s city council meeting, I found myself on WHSV TV-3 speaking about Heritage Oaks, Harrisonburg’s city run golf course.  I haven’t seen the clip yet, but once I can find it, I hope to share it with you on this site.

Tomorrow, I’m pleased to say that I’ll have another opportunity to speak with the local media.  Starting at 10 AM, you’ll be able to find me on Jim Britt’s radio show on 550 AM WSVA.  We will be discussing a number of political issues.  I’m not quite sure of the specific topics, but I’m guessing that we will delve into a host of local, state, and national matters including a multitude of current events.

If you happen to be free for some or part of that hour, I hope that you will consider tuning in.  I am told that should this stint go well, it could like turn in to a regular occurrence.  Am I a bit nervous?  Absolutely!  But, tomorrow’s opportunity represents an important culmination of many months of effort.

Exciting times indeed!

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