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As my post If At First You Don’t Secede has now become my most visited piece, with a number of readers adding their own thoughts to the subject, I wonder what the vast majority of you think about the topic.  Therefore, through the help of polldaddy.com, I have created my first poll.  Isn’t technology grand?  Although this poll is, of course, not scientific, and the program should block multiple votes by the same person, I do ask you to vote only once.

You’ve read my $.02 on the question, so what are your thoughts about the legality or illegality of secession?  I’ve tried to include a variety of options, but if your answer matches none of my possible choices, send me a comment.  Let the voting begin!

One Reply to “A Poll For You”

  1. Alth ough I voted with tongue snuggled, but not firmly so in in my right cheek with option #5. Im beginning to wonder if its not such a bad idea given the decidedly authoritarian leaning our Federal governments seems to have taken over the last 12 years.

    Further one cant help but wonder what a wake up call, such a move would make if one of our better run and financially stable and important states, say Texas, or Alaska, would actually refuse Federal money, recall its Congressional delegation, and/or withdraw its National Guard.

    Something to chat about over a glass or two of California merlot.

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