A Little Bird Told Me

Tweet! Tweet! That’s the sound of twittering, or so they tell me. Personally, I still don’t understand the value of this service. Most updates I read don’t seem to have any real value. Do you honestly want to read every detail of a person’s life? 8:30 Got up this morning. 8:40 Shaved + took a shower. 8:50 Brkfst. Exciting stuff huh? Heck, I don’t need complete sentences, or even properly spelled words.

So, who really cares and why should I write about this subject? Well, if you will recall, earlier this year a number of Republicans were upset at Jeff Frederick when he tweeted about a potential shift in power in the Virginia Senate. The deal didn’t come to pass and therefore some people blamed Frederick for leaking the deal too early and to the wrong people. It provided additional ammo in the battle to unseat Jeff Frederick’s RPV chairmanship. For some unexplainable reason, the other day I decided to check out Delegate Frederick’s twitter page once more. What I found was surprising. He wrote, “I’d never want to be in the trenches w/ Bill Howell. He’ll cut and run as soon as the first bullet is fired.” 7:00 AM Aug 28th. Now why would Delegate Frederick write such a comment about Speaker Howell? Did they have some sort of recent disagreement over a bill in the General Assembly? Does this conflict extend from Frederick’s removal as chairman? Or is it just sour grapes? Without any additional details, it’s impossible to tell his motives.

Given twitter’s limited nature, I don’t think it a useful tool to express political statements. It creates too much speculation and given that anyone can read it, it can often end up in the wrong hands. It certainly shouldn’t be used for private communication. Then again, should Delegate Frederick or any other public official feel it necessary to air public comments in some form other than a press release, I would suggest a blog. Personally, I’d be happy to offer this blog as a forum and I’m guessing many of my fellow bloggers would feel likewise.

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