A Fresh Hell

Good evening everyone.

I know that many of you stop by on Tuesdays checking for a new update.  Rest assured that I’ve been working on a few new topics, but lately I’ve been plagued by sleeplessness due, in part, to reconstructive work being done in the basement of the house where I live.  It’s hard to be too analytical when you don’t sleep well.  Anyway, while desperately accumulating sleep debt last night, I wrote the following poem.  I hope you find it interesting, but don’t worry…political commentary will be returning soon.

A Fresh Hell

I lie awake for hours
The Sounds of whirring machinery
Buzzing in my ears
I tiptoe down the stairs
Seeking cause of this disturbance
In the far corners of the basement
Devices hum unwatched
They bear the warning
“Do not shut off!”
I retreat to my bed
Uncertain from where these noises come
The hours tick by
Whirring never ceasing
Eyes wide in torment
The clock strikes three
A fresh hell

One Reply to “A Fresh Hell”

  1. Your comment and poem remind me of the experience of coming home after a cruise and spending the first night in my own bed after 6 months in a confined and shared living space surrounded by machinery.

    The silence is deafening.

    A man of war at sea, sometimes seems to be nothing more than a collection of machines, held together by electrical cables, inside a metal box. At night when the activities of the day are replaced by the deceptively quieter routine of simply keeping everything running, one becomes acutely aware his surroundings; a fan shuts down here, a pump of lights itself off there, a bell or alarm sounds somewhere else, thumps, clangs and rattles of unknown origin sound at irregular intervals, but under it all is the collective dull roar of a magnificent engine of war that perpetually assaults your sense of hearing, until you train yourelf to become guardingly unaware of the lesser, unimportant sounds while still anticipating the ones that you know will at sometime call, nay, demand your immediate attention.

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