A Death in the Family

For those who have been keeping up with this blog you know that I have been trying to find out why VCAP’s website and phone number have gone AWOL for the past several weeks.  Well folks, I’ve finally discovered the fate of VCAP.  Yesterday, got an email from the director of VCAP, RobinDeJarnette, which read, ” I’ve moved out the country for a five month project and will be closing the PAC.”  Although this comes as disappointing news to many conservatives in the state, I know full well that political groups, like people, are born, grow, decline, and die.  However, like a youth killed in a tragic car accident, I cannot help but feel as if VCAP died before its time.  Although I was only nominally involved, I had great hopes for this PAC.  Now perhaps the death of VCAP will herald the rise of some greater organization or movement.  Although I would not consider myself an optimist, ideally, we all like to think that even death can give birth the some good.  As it no longer serves any purpose, I have removed the VCAP link from this site.

In respect, let us observe a moment of silence.

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