A Comment About Comments

Good evening everyone.

I am delighted that so many of you take the opportunity to express yourself and your thoughts on my blog.  However, as stated on my very first post, I wrote, “Feel free to comment however you see fit, though I do ask for you to keep any personal attacks or profanity at a minimum”.  As this is my virtual home, I feel it is my duty to treat each and every guest as I myself would hope to be treated, even if he or she holds wildly divergent opinions from my own.  Therefore, should a person include comments that attack another contributor personally or include highly objectionable material, I will modify or delete that portion of comment as I see fit.  Otherwise, I’ll approve just about anything else.

Thanks for reading and keep adding your $.02 as you see fit.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of experience with incivility in comments over the years. I find that if you discourage anonymity, that can help. Also, there’s a way to set comments so that any new commenter must be approved once (for their first comment) before subsequent comments appear instantly. That also prevents a regular commenter from temporarily changing their screen name to say something they wouldn’t want to say using their own name.

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