6th District Conventions Aplenty

This weekend, the Republican Party will be holding their sixth district convention in Botetourt County.  The details are as follows:  It will be taking place on Saturday, April 26th, 10:00 A.M. at the Lord Botetourt High School located on 1435 Roanoke Road in Daleville, Virginia.  One of the main purposes of this gathering is to elect a chairman of the regional party.  As previously mentioned, they will choose between current chairman Wendell Walker and former Speaker of the House of Delegates Vance Wilkins.  Representative Bob Goodlatte does not have an intra-party challenger (though if he did, that contest would have taken place in a primary at a later date).

Then, on May 3rd, the Libertarian Party will be holding a sixth district convention of their own.  This convention will be held on Saturday, May 3rd, starting at noon at the Macado’s restaurant at 30 North Main Street in Lexington, Virginia.  One of the major features of this gathering will be to determine who, if anyone, will be the Libertarian nominee to run against Representative Goodlatte.  For the record, the Libertarian Party last ran a candidate in the 6th in 2010.  It would not be surprising to see the party field a challenger, especially given that there is not a Democratic candidate in the race.

Thus far I have received no word on whether the Democratic Party will be holding a sixth district convention in the near future or if they have already done so.

Exciting political times here in the central western portion of Virginia!

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